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Because of COVID-19, the DCV staff is working remotely and all face-to-face activities have been suspended. Please note, we can be reached by phone or email. Also, we have made some activities available online. Please click on the menu item above to access the latest information, online activities and entertainment. We plan to update this content regularly.   


DCV Bylaws  


Ann McFarren, President

Ann McFarren spent her early career leading nonprofit health care and advocacy organizations, including Planned Parenthood and AIDS Action. For the past 20 years she served as a principal of HealthMark Multimedia offering health and decision-making information to people with serious health challenges. She has served on numerous boards, taking the lead on advocacy issues, promoting organizational growth, managing constructions projects, and expanding musical opportunities for communities. Ann has lived in the Dupont Circle area since 1986. 

Steven  Kitrelll, Treasurer

Steven D. Kittrell was a partner at the international law firm of McGuireWoods LLP for the last 25 years of his legal career. At the firm, Steve was the managing partner for the DC office and served as the chair of the tax department and on the firm’s board of partners. His practice focused on tax law, especially employee benefits and executive compensation. Steve worked with many public companies and their boards of directors. He and his wife Susan Hattan have lived in the Dupont Circle area since the 1980s. 

Jane Pierson, Secretary

A Founder of the Washington firm of Cavanaugh, Hagan, Pierson and Mintz (CHPM), Jane has a nationwide consulting practice. Her clients include universities, corporations, non-profits and government organizations. Jane and her husband, John VerSteeg, have lived for more than 25 years in the Wyoming Condominium on Columbia Road. She has served on the Wyoming Board. 

Lois Berlin, Board Member

Lois Berlin has been an educator for 37 years, in the United States and the United Kingdom, focusing on children with special needs. For seven years, she was the superintendent of the Falls Church City Public Schools. Since her retirement, she continues to be involved in education as a consultant with several public schools systems. She and her husband, Larry Stuebing, have lived in Dupont Circle since 1986

Andrés Doernberg, Board Member

Andrés Doernberga native of Santiago, Chile, moved at age 20 with his family to the U.S. He lived on Eastern Long Island, an unlikely place for a career in international development. His inevitable move to Washington, DC, and Dupont Circle, 28 years ago, happened upon returning to the U.S. after two years living in Indonesia. Ten years before retiring he worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development. Numerous trips to Ukraine, Romania, and later the former Yugoslavia, ensued, mainly working on the transformation of their large and technically advanced electricity sectors into regulated stand-alone companies. He lives with his partner, Michael Lavers, a staff writer for the Washington Blade.

Gretchen Ellsworth, Board Member

Mike Gould, Board Member

Michael Gould was an executive at the World Bank for 30 years working in Asia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Since retirement, he is actively involved in local community affairs having founded the Adams Morgan Community Camp and After-School Program and New Futures, which assists DC-area, low-income youth complete post-secondary school. He has served as President of the Kalorama Citizens Association, and the Fund for Kalorama Park, and founded Escapades, a successful bike tour company, which helped fund New Futures. He and his wife Davye have lived in Adams Morgan since 1994.

Mike Higgins, Board Member

Michael R. Higgins served for 23 years as a member of the professional staff of the Committee on Armed Services in the House of Representatives. His portfolio included the policy and law associated with issues from across the spectrum of military personnel programs. He conducted oversight of Department of Defense programs, provided information to Members of Congress, and developed policy guidance and legislation for consideration by the Congress. Prior to his Congressional staff service, he served for 20 years in the Air Force as a career personnel officer retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in May 1990. His assignments included a variety of unit personnel positions, the Military Personnel Center, the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, and as a unit commander. Following his Congressional staff service, he served as a commissioner on the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission from May 2014 to December 2015. He currently serves on the Board of Governors of the National Military Family Association.

Charlotte Holloman, Board Member

Charlotte is a native New Yorker and has lived in her Dupont Circle condo since 1989.Both parents were native Washingtonians. She holds two graduate degrees, a Masters in teaching from Trinity DC and a JurisDoctor from Catholic U. In the 70s, she taught HS government and civics at Armstrong Adult Center. In the 80s and 90s, she worked with the US Senate Judiciary Committee as a WREI research fellow, as a political operative in four consecutive national presidential campaigns, as a legislative liaison for Planned Parenthood and as public liaison for the DNC. She spent 16 years as medical advocate/caregiver for a
friend and several family members.

Michael Kain, Board Member

Michael R. Kain is the CEO of Kain & Associates, a commercial real estate business in Dupont Circle. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has a JD from the Golden Gate School of Law, and a LLM in Taxation from Georgetown Law. Kain was a long-time Board member of the Washington Metropolitan YMCA and served as Chair of the Board.

Bob McDonald, Board Member

Bob McDonald was the Founding Executive Director of Foggy Bottom West End Village until his retirement in 2016. Previously he was the Volunteer Coordinator for Dupont Circle Village for 18 months. His professional life included over forty years in behavioral healthcare management and various nonprofit organizations including Foundry Church. He has served as the Vice President of the Washington Area Villages Exchange (WAVE) as well as on the vestry for St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Bob has lived with his husband, David Insinga, in the Dupont Circle neighborhood since 1991.

Mary McIntosh, Board Member

As president of Princeton Survey Research Associates International, a nonpartisan survey research firm, Mary specializes in international public and elite opinion on a range of socio-economic topics including health care, democratization, religion, social unrest, government performance and media usage. She has lived in Dupont Circle since 1988. 

Abigail Wiebenson, Board Member

Abigail Wiebenson is a Certified Personal and Leadership Coach; Director Emerita, Lowell School.  She is also the chair of the Membership/Activities Committee.


Eva M. Lucero, Executive Director

Eva Lucero is DCV’s executive director and is responsible for the management of the organization on a day-to-day basis. She plays a major role in implementing member services, fund raising, advocacy, publicity, and marketing. She was the executive director of Arts for the Aging (AFTA) for nine years, and has also served as the program initiatives director for Ayuda, director of development for Humanities, DC, development manager for the former Corcoran Gallery of Art, and a consultant with EnTech Strategies, LLC. Eva has lived in Washington for more than 20 years, as well as in Santa Fe, San Antonio and New York City.


Development Committee initiates programs and oversees ongoing fundraising efforts. These include an annual fund appeal, charitable giving programs, fundraisers large and small, and cultivating donor and grant opportunities. Subcommittees devoted to individual programs such as the Celeb Salons and the Silent Auction, report to this committee. (Jane Pierson, Chair)

Finance Committee is charged with oversight of the budget and financial operations of the Village working closely with the Treasurer and President to shape future initiatives and fiscal policy. (Mike Kain, Chair)

Governance Committee advises the Board to help ensure that existing and proposed organizational programs and policies conform to DCV governing documents, as well as Federal and local requirements.  It provides information on best practices and guidance to the Board regarding governance initiatives.


Live and Learn Committee provides members with practical information they need to know as they age. Once a month, specialists in many areas, including law, medicine, psychology, exercise physiology and home care share essential information and offer a forum for questions. Other topics of interest such as finance and Medicare open enrollment are covered yearly as regulations and requirements change. (Beth Merricks, Chair)

Member Services Committee Works on programs that support members’ ability to continue to safely live in their current environment. (Sarah Burger, Chair)

Membership/Activities Committee focuses on membership recruitment and retention, as well as activities. It sponsors two types of dinners on alternating months throughout the year: an informational dinner for potential members and a new members’ dinner that welcomes and informs them about Village programs and volunteer opportunities. It also organizes an unusually broad variety and range of activities: lunch and dinner group meals, docent museum tours, art and cultural events, discounted theater tickets at various venues, and dance programs. Weekly e-blasts inform members of upcoming events and registration information.   (Abigail Wiebenson, Chair)

Nominating Committee is appointed each year to review candidates for the Board of Directors, who each serve staggered three-year terms. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Board reviews the candidates advanced by the Nominating Committee and makes appointments to the Board in January.

Public Relations Committee fulfills several areas of responsibilities including developing and implementing DCV's Communications plan to enhance recognition among local and national media, potential funding sources, local and national policy leaders, and, potential new members. The committee creates innovative programs to increase brand awareness, identifies key aging issues that need to be brought to policymakers and elected officials and develops education campaigns focused on possible solutions, and serves as the initial point of contact for media inquiries and responses. 

Sunday Soup Salon Committee hosts a monthly program loosely modeled on earlier salons that involves many talented and fascinating Dupont Circle denizens in exciting evenings featuring soup and dialogues. We gather on the fourth Sunday of the month to hear from authors, scientists, historian, and locals who share their own fascinating memories and experiences. (Caroline Mindel and Lynn Lewis, Co-Chairs)

Volunteer Committee focuses on recruitment, development, and retention of volunteers.  In support of its goals, the committee defines policy, establishes training, and identifies/organizes opportunities for volunteers to perform on behalf of Dupont Circle Village, including an array of member-to-member and administrative tasks. (Michael Gould, Chair)

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