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Because of COVID-19, the DCV staff is working remotely and all face-to-face activities have been suspended. Please note, we can be reached by phone or email. Also, we have made some activities available online. Please click on the menu item above to access the latest information, online activities and entertainment. We plan to update this content regularly.   
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Online Entertainment and Learning

With any of the suggestions below, members may call the Village if you need support accessing any online or “app” type resources. We have staff and volunteers who can help get you connected, even if we can’t come to your home.


Kennedy Center Digital: 
(comprehensive FREE programming of Kennedy Center performances and events. Including Opera, Ballet, Theater, HipHop, NSO, WNO, Jazz, Comedy, Millennium Stage)  Click Here  

(Live classical concerts from Berlin) Click Here

(WXQR, New York’s Classical music station has live streaming all day) Click Here

Broadway HD: 
(all the Broadway shows you want to see (must see, musicals, classics, drama, Shakespeare). Subscriptions start at $8.99 a month).Click Here 

Medici TV:
(monthly subscriptions start at $8.95. Concerts, Ballets, Documentaries, Master Classes. and extensive Classical Music concerts)   Click Here  

(15 Broadway plays and musicals)  Click Here

Politics and Prose Live:
(live programming for their events)  Click Here

Live Virtual Concerts:
(NPR has a listing of live virtual concerts during this time) Click Here

Social Distancing Festival:
(a list of live streams from around the world, in calendar order) Click Here

Solas Nua Cyber Events:
(a new light on Irish arts) Click Here

Library of Congress Audio Recording:
(A wonderful array of audio recordings, both written and performed) Click Here

Alvin Ailey Dance: Click Here
Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals: (streamed for free) Click Here
The New York Philharmonic: (free streaming) Click Here
London's National Theatre: (free streaming) Click Here
The Santa Fe Opera's 2020 Season: (conversations in Quarantine) Click Here


The Frick:
(5:00 pm on Fridays, happy hour with a discussion of a pointing by one of the museum's curators) Click Here

Google Arts and Culture: 
(collections from around the world, 2500 last count, for the culturally curious) Click Here  

Virtual Museum Tours: 
(12 famous museums offer virtual tours)  Click Here  

MCN Advancing Digital Transformation in Museums:
(the ultimate guide to virtual Museum Resources, e-learning and online collections) Click Here

Library of Congress Exhibits:
(explore current and past exhibitions) Click Here
Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens: (explore their online collection, guided tours, activities) Click Here
Barnes Museum Takeout Series: (online videos/lectures) Click Here
National Gallery of Art: (online tour of their exhibits, including Degas at the Opera) Click Here


Virtual National Parks Tours:
(an article with links to 33 National Parks)   Click Here

Cincinnati Zoo:
(offering digital safaris) Click Here

Cherry Blossoms Cam:
(views the cherry blossoms from the Tidal Basin) Click Here


(free movie and documentary streaming with a DC library card—six movies a month)  Click Here  

($8.99 per month. One membership can be shared with up to six other people) Click Here  

Netflix Party lets friends do movie nights in quarantine:
(read USA article describing this) Click Here

Prime Video: 
(free with an Amazon membership)  Click Here

(memberships start at $5.99 per month)  Click Here

Smithsonian Channel:
(vast library of original series and documentaries at $4.99 per month)  Click Here   

Films PBS American Experience:
(online viewing of a variety of films) Click Here


You Tube: 

(A video platform. You don’t need to purchase a subscription to view numerous videos for free, but I find that if you sign up and not subscribe, there are less ads. You search on the main page for various videos such as TedTalks, National Geographic documentaries, music concerts).Click Here   


Digital audio files made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series. Categories include News, Comedy, Sports, History, True Crime, Society and Culture.

You need to download an app to listen:

Apple Podcast   Stitcher for Android

Sixth & I Live:
(podcasts from Apple on a variety of subjects) Click Here


Theater J:
(online classes for theater lovers) Click Here

Folger: (online full-cast audio recordings, full recorded performance, and more, all for free through July 1) Click Here

(free online culture courses you can audit) Click Here
(free online courses you can audit)  Click Here

Free Ivy League Courses: 
(free online courses from Brown, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth etc) Click Here   

Open Culture:
(free cultural and educational media)  Click Here  

Smithsonian Distance Learning:
(from the Natural History Museum - materials for adults and for children - both upcoming and archived topics) Click Here


Online Fitness Classes with GiveFit:
GiveFit is making all online workout programs 100% FREE for the foreseeable future. Includes: Seated Core & Cardio; Otago Balance Improvement; Seated Lower Body & Cardio; Introductory Chair Fitness) Click Here

NIH Exercise Classes:  Click Here

The YMCA Strength and Resistance Workout:  Click Here


Literary Hub Virtual Book Channel:
(podcasts, audiobooks & more) Click Here

Library of Congress:
(many online resources, exhibits, digital collections) Click Here
Free Downloads from the New York Public Library: (You can now download over 300,000 books from the NYPL for free - current limit is 3) Click Here

(no need to buy books on Amazon, independent bookstores have unified here) Click Here

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