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Dupont Circle Village (DCV) is committed to being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Current COVID-19 Policy for Dupont Circle Village:  DCV COVID Policy Update 9-14-23

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Volunteer: Services to DCV

Volunteers provide a large amount of the support that DCV needs to operate.  There are a number of ways to help DCV perform its important tasks.

Become a Committee Member

All of our Committees are run by volunteers.  Being on a Committee can be a continuing role or short-term.  Our Committee chairs are always ready to talk to you about how you can get involved in their committee’s work. Volunteers are needed on these Committees:

  • Activities Committee.  The committee organizes an unusually broad variety and range of activities: lunch and dinner group meals, docent museum tours, art and cultural events, discounted theater tickets at various venues, and dance programs.  Kathy Cardille, Chair and Coordinator


  • Membership Committee. The Membership Committee focuses on both membership recruitment and retention.  Abigail Wiebenson, Chair


  • Live and Learn Committee.  The Live and Learn Committee provides members with practical information they need to know on a wide variety of topics.  Once a month, specialists in many areas, including law, medicine, psychology, exercise physiology and home care share essential information and offer a forum for questions. Other topics of interest such as finance and Medicare open enrollment are covered periodically as regulations and requirements change.  Volunteers help with arranging logistics and speakers and other activities. Beth Merricks, Chair


  • Public Affairs Committee.  The Public Affairs Committee fulfills several areas of responsibilities including developing and implementing DCV's communications plan to enhance recognition among local and national media, potential funding sources, local and national policy leaders, and, potential new members. The committee creates innovative programs to increase brand awareness, identifies key aging issues that need to be brought to policymakers and elected officials and develops education campaigns focused on possible solutions, and serves as the initial point of contact for media inquiries and responses.  Pender McCarter, Chair


  • Sunday Soup Salon Committee. The Sunday Soup Salon arranges a monthly program that involves many talented and fascinating Dupont Circle denizens in exciting evenings featuring soup and dialogues. The salons are on the fourth Sunday of the month to hear from authors, scientists, historian, and locals who share their own fascinating memories and experiences. Caroline Mindel and Lynn Lewis, Co-Chairs

Participate in DCV Operations

Please contact our Executive Director, Eva Lucero, if you are interested in  

  • helping with DCV fundraising, finances, or governance, or
  • providing administrative assistance to DCV

Interested? Become a Volunteer


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