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Dupont Circle Village (DCV) is committed to being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Current COVID-19 Policy for Dupont Circle Village:  DCV COVID Policy Update 9-14-23

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DCV Activities and Benefits 


Continuing activities for our members cover the waterfront of cultural, educational, healthy living, social, and recreational interests.  Members are encouraged to reach out to others who may be interested in participating in specific group activities—so the list of opportunities continues to expand.  Examples of our current activities include:

Lifelong Learning

  • Live and Learn sessions every month, featuring specialists in many areas, including law, medicine, psychology, exercise physiology and home care share essential information. Other topics of interest such as finance and Medicare open enrollment are covered periodically as regulations and requirements change.
  • Sunday Soup Salon, a monthly program featuring soup and dialogues at a home of a DCV member. Members hear from authors, scientists, historian, and locals who share their own fascinating memories and experiences.
  • Notification of policy lectures offered in the neighborhood.

Keeping in Shape

  • Walking groups, currently three times a week at Dupont Circle and in 
    Adams Morgan and once a week at the National Arboretum
  • Mat and Chair Yoga
  • Tai Chi

Pursuing Common Interests

  • Bridge Group weekly
  • Knitting Group weekly
  • Mah Jongg groups weekly
  • Mystery Book Group monthly
  • Men's Book Group monthly

Enjoying the Arts

  • Docent led museum tours and other cultural events periodically
  • Discounted theater tickets at various venues
  • "Off the Mall" cultural outings

Socializing with Fellow Villagers

  • Monthly birthday celebration for members born in that month
  • Monthly “Social Hours” hosted by members in their home
  • Membership gatherings twice a year

Members also have access to a listing of local contractors recommended by DCV members


DCV members are eligible to receive a wide range of services from our volunteers.  Volunteers are both fellow DCV members and others from the community.  As a DCV member, you have  access to:

  • Evaluation and short-term assistance from our professional social worker and healthcare navigator (geriatric RN).
  • Transportation of members to medical and other appointments, shopping, and DCV events
  • Technology support such as computer troubleshooting and help in using new devices
  • Errands like picking up prescriptions and groceries
  • Household tasks including changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, and minor home repairs
  • Support groups for members after hospitalizations or who have long-term needs
  • Friendly visits and calls to members to reduce social isolation and provide companionship
  • Administrative help such as organizing paperwork, and dealing with medical forms
  • Snow shoveling and other help during inclement weather
  • Gardening including indoor plant watering and raking leaves
  • Downsizing help to organize and donate items
  • Other non-professional services that our volunteers can provide.

We do not provide assistance in daily living activities (such as bathing, dressing, toileting, or transferring from a bed or chair).  We also do not provide any medical or nursing services.

Keeping in Touch

DCV has two email groups for our members. 

  • One group includes all members, allowing them to keep each other informed about local happenings and make recommendations on local services. 
  • The second group, which requires an opt-in, give members the opportunity to discuss politics, share their favorite jokes or cover almost any other topic.
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